Lauren Mones Biography

Lauren Mones is a certified Anusara yoga teacher. After a car accident, she was introduced to hatha yoga as part of her physical therapy program. Before this, she had only dabbled in certain forms of yoga and meditation like Kundalini yoga and Vipassana meditation. When she was introduced to Anusara, this is when the healing really started to happen. By practicing yoga with the intention of healing herself and focusing on the neck and upper back, she was empowered with the knowledge of how the body/mind/breath work together to heal. She soon become an avid Anusara practitioner and teacher. Her intention to teach yoga grew from her desire to want to teach other people how to heal and to get out of their sufferings.

Anusara yoga is a unique style of Hatha yoga that blends together the emotional body, the physical body and the mental body. In Anusara, you begin with the emotional body. The heart and all of its myriad of emotions and feelings combine to create your attitude. It is from this attitude that you step onto the yoga mat and create breath and movement. The emotional body leads you in to your physical body. Founder of Anusara, John Friend, developed the Universal Principles of Alignment, that help to guide us safely and deeply into the body. They are based on biomechanics and anatomy so they are safe and effective in opening the body. As you move from the heart into the physical body, you gain deeper states of awareness and more knowledge about yourself. From the different levels of awareness the mental body expands and opens more.

Lauren has traveled with John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga, and has been a long time apprentice and assistant of his throughout the country. She has learned the art of therapeutic yoga by being side by side with John during many of his tours. Lauren has spent some significant time studying the profound philosophy of Rajanaka Tantra yoga with philosopher and renowned scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks.