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“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order;
to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order;
to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life;
and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right”.

~ Confucius

Chronic Prostatitis: The Most Effective Cure

Let’s talk about chronic prostatitis. It’s a shockingly common issue that many men face. There are 2 types of it: chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). The reason behind the CBP is fairly obvious: it’s a bacterial infection. The cause for the CPPS remains a mystery to this day. Nevertheless, prostatitis remains a serious cause for concern, because many symptoms just disappear, they vary in their severity and many people tend to overlook them. Which, obviously, leads to serious issues down the road.

The Statistics

Approximately 20% of males are bound to have issues with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis during the course of their lives. It’s mostly affecting men from ages of thirty to fifty, but there are exceptions to the rule. Approximately 90% males with chronic prostatitis also suffer from CPPS.

The Causes

Let’s go over the most common causes of chronic prostatitis:

  • Nerve problems. These can happen seemingly for no reason.
  • Autoimmune issues.
  • Germ infection, undiagnosed/untreated.

The Symptoms

The most common symptoms are:

  • It’s the biggest one when it comes to identifying chronic prostatitis. Even if there’s a slight hint of pain in testicles or penis – you should go to the doctor’s immediately.
  • Urinary issues. That’s also a big one. It’s somehow pain-related, as well. If you have even a tiny hint of pain while peeing – that’s a big cause for concern. Other urinary symptoms include: urgent feeling like you have to go (but you don’t), trouble with urine stream.
  • Sex-related issues. Troubles with maintaining an erection, lessened sex drive, pain during the intercourse of after.
  • Tiredness, pains, and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Treatment for chronic prostatitis can be tricky, but in most cases, it’s completely reversible. Usual treatments include painkillers, laxatives, and antibiotics, however, there’s a new breakthrough.

The Most Effective Cure

According to the recent study, Tadalafil might be the most effective cure of them all. However, only generic tadalafil 20mg could be obtained online without prescription. Four randomized, placebo-controlled trials showed effectiveness of generic version in easing the symptoms of CP/CPPS. Time will tell, but for now it looks like this kind of drugs might become the new standard of CP treatment.

Basic Types of Male Sexual Disorders

Male sexual problems refer to any causes during sexual response cycle that prevents men from experiencing satisfaction. There are many reasons that cause these issues, including psychological and physical issues, like regular stress and chronic diseases. According to the data offered by the Department of Health of France, the most typical sexual conditions of men include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, inhibited sexual desire and some others. Visit to find out more.

Common Ejaculation Disorders

There are different types of these disorders in men, such as:

  • Premature ejaculation, and this condition refers to any ejaculation that happens soon after or even before penetration;
  • Retrograde ejaculation that occurred when the ejaculate is forced back into a bladder instead of out of a penis or via the urethra;
  • Retarded or inhibited ejaculation, or when it’s slow to happen.

In some cases, inhibited and premature ejaculation is caused by specific psychological factors, such as religious backgrounds, lack of attraction or previous traumatic events. Many men suffer from premature ejaculation, and it often happens because of their nervousness. Some drugs, like antidepressants, may affect their ejaculation. The retrograde type is common in men with diabetes, or it may develop after surgeries on their prostate or bladder neck.

Erectile Dysfunction

This sexual problem is also very common in men today. Male impotence is defined as their inability to get and keep erections suitable for a sexual intercourse. There are different causes, including nerve disorders, atherosclerosis, psychological factors, performance anxiety, penile injuries and so on. Certain medications and chronic conditions also contribute to developing this sexual disorder.

Inhibited Sexual Desire

It’s a loss of libido or decrease in men’s interest or desire for sexual activity. This unwanted condition can result from different psychological and physical factors, and it’s often associated with low testosterone levels in the blood. Some psychological issues may also cause low libido, including hypertension and diabetes. Specific meds, like antidepressants, and relationship problems also contribute to developing it.

Sexual Life after Divorce

After the divorce the life of spouses changes dramatically, and everyone tries to survive the divorce in his/her own way. A man begins to live alone, his life and priorities change, he gets a lot of free time.

How to live through a divorce and get to normal sexual and social life as quickly as possible? Experts give some advice and recommendations:

  1. Communicate and do not remain isolated. Try to find a person with whom you can calmly discuss what is happening, analyze the situation and draw conclusions for yourself. Tell this person what you feel, do not be afraid to show emotions, as it will save you a lot of nerves, health, simplify your everyday life and help you get over your divorce easier. Active communication will allow you to meet new women as well.
  2. Be active. Men have to be involved in some activities by nature. Direct all your energy to a peaceful area: business, new useful hobbies, communication with friends – that will help you to go through the collapse of your family. After the divorce you need to continue living your own life and not fall into apathy.
  3. Keep friendly relations with your wife. You should try keeping more or less friendly relations with your wife after divorce. Especially if you have children. Of course, this is not easy, but in the future friendly relationship will save you from a lot of problems and make your life calmer. It will be easier for you to solve issues related to children.
  4. Do not start new serious relationship immediately. It is necessary to live further, but it is better not to start serious relationship immediately after the divorce. Of course, you will really need a relaxing time, but such relationships usually end very quickly and traumatically for the partner. After a divorce, it is better to take some pause, to go over the memories of your past life and only after that start new romantic relationship. During the first months it is better to find some occasional woman to get new sexual emotions. Be ready that sometimes it is hard to get the same level of sexual activity immediately with a new partner. If you experience problems with potency, feel free to use some medications like Cialis to become more self-confident.
  5. Accept support. Do not hesitate to accept the support of your beloved ones and friends. This is very important: a heart-to-heart talk can improve your mood very much. Surviving the breakdown of family in a company of friends and relatives is much easier.

Start to live again. The main thing to remember after the divorce is that life not only continues, but also begins again. And very often, divorce for a man is a kind of a start for a new, happy and interesting life! Change something in your daily life, and this period will be easier to go through.